How can I earn free Bitcoin easily?

One question that often pops up in regards to cryptocurrency is how you can earn free Bitcoins. The most popular and universally accepted ways of earning Bitcoins is either through Mining or trading. People have become quite wealthy through the process. But what if you just want to make a little extra money and do not have a lot of money to invest?

Luckily, there are a few legit ways of earning free Bitcoins out there. But I have to be candid and tell you that you will not become rich through these methods.

Playing Android and Apple games

This is by far the most exciting way to earn free Bitcoins. It has a reward system put in place where you are awarded through cryptocurrency.

Pop Bubbles

Free Bitcoin

This is a slot machine kind of game. Each session is timed, and you can only play for a limited time. But if you want more time on the slot machines there are available paid upgrades. Pop Bubbles aims to get more matching star. The more stars that much, the more Bitcoin you earn.

Roll and Ball

This is another entertaining game where you have to roll a ball on the table using your phone to collect the coins placed. It has new levels, which become more difficult with new barriers and holes that you have to navigate through.

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Playing online game to earn free Bitcoin

Just like mobile games, online games have the same approach where you play a game and earn a reward in the form of free Bitcoin each time you win.

Playing Dice

This is a very simple game but requires a lot of time. You roll the dice, and if the number matches with the computer, you win and get rewarded. But if you lose you lose the free Bitcoin already earned. One of the most popular sites in this niche is PrimeDice and 999Dice. They accept participants from all over the world and the withdrawal of the Bitcoin is free.

Reading online Books

Reading of books has gradually declined with the rise of the internet. However, some sites offer to pay you in Bitcoin every time you read one of their books. This is a great and fun way to earn a little extra money if you are a lover of old books as those are the books most prominently in PaidBooks the primary site that pays you to read books in Bitcoin.

Commenting and posting

There are sites that have come up that pay you in the form of Bitcoin every time you mention or post on their sites such as Steemit and coinPoll. The concept is basically how Hubpages work, in that they have a revenue sharing system created from advertisement. This is a great way for social media lovers who spend a lot of time commenting and posting. Why not earn a few Bitcoins along the way.

PTC sites

PTC means paid to click. An ad is displayed on your screen for a few seconds, and after viewing it, you are paid in form of Bitcoins. PTC site has been around for quite a while, but many are transcending to pay using Bitcoins as they feel it better motivates users because of the quick value rise of cryptocurrency.

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Doing micro tasks

Sites like BitcoinTalk pay you in the form of free Bitcoin each time you answer a question on their website. Many other micro-task companies pay you using the same system. It is a quick, free and easy way to earn a little money for things you would typically for free on the net.