How To Get Gold From Cryptocurrency?

If you’re a crypto fanatic, you’re, here aren’t you? And happen to be an investor, you can buy gold.  It’s about time if you ask me. This recently blew up when OneGold an online platform for buying and selling precious metals recently partnered with bitpay.

This makes it possible to buy this precious metal using crypto from your smart phone. Simple huh? From an investor’s point of view, there’s a huge sense of family hood when it comes to crypto and gold.

For starters, they’re both mined. How crazy is that. It’s a great fit. What a great way to diversify your portfolio, as the Wall Street boys and girl like to say. This is all due to the rally crypto has had science the crypto crash. Most people, I included see crypto as the gold of the future.

Why Buy Gold?

Because it has been here for a very long time and is a great product to invest in. it as the earliest form of currency, but don’t quote on this. Gold is regarded as a store of wealth not as an investment. It keeps you safe in case of a financial crash or global depression. Governments don’t support people holding this precious metal. they’d rather have you use their currency.

To manipulate you of course. Another thing is, storage of gold is rather tricky. You can either get a certificate of ownership, which make zero sense in case of emergency. Then there’s physical gold, needs physical storage space. But all in all, gold is an amazing thing to hold on to.

The Gold-Crypto Relationship


As I hinted earlier these two components are very similar. First the government doesn’t support either. They’re a great way to store wealth, but as we’ve just seen crypto would have less a hustle. Bitcoin for example, is nearing exhaustion.

The supply will go down and the demand will increase. This is the sentient investors love to hear. The fact like you can buy one with the other is really great news. I’d suggest you get to it. Buy a little first then build from there. However, the fact that you cannot use either to buy everyday commodities just shows how similar crypto and gold is rather than currency. The fact that both their prices keep fluctuating means that it’s not money ready for market yet. There’s a longer way to go.


Buying gold from crypto is great news. OneGold make a good move. This shows that crypto is slowly but surely been accepted in the cooperate world. It’s also from the click of a smart screen. I mean, what more could one ask for? We’ve seen gold is a great way to protect you from the unknown.

Imagine the world economy crashes tomorrow. Monies wiped out. Banks closed so no withdrawals. Prices drastically go down inflation shoots up. What could a bar, a chunk of crypto do for you then? You’re right. They can do wonders for you.

Crypto is showing a lot of strength this year. It’s a really good sign. Investors are happy, happier now that they can easily using crypto buy gold. There a lot of service providers out there offering this service. Get on it. In a smart way.

Gold and crypto are alike and yet very different. You should 100% check it out. Need I remind also that a lot of people thought crypto would be dead by now. But it has stayed on. If you’ve not entered the ‘train’ it’s time now. I’m confident that crypto will be allowed anywhere someday soon. Hope you found this helpful have a gold day.