How can blockchain be used in healthcare

We already talked about how Blockchain can be used in other sectors in an earlier article. But I think it would be wise to look in depth on how Blockchain system can actually be utilized in the health sector.

We lose too many lives in some very avoidable circumstances. We would all love to blame the doctors and call them incompetent, but the truth is, the system may be more at fault than anything else.

Permanent records


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Record keeping is a complicated operation, not just in the medical field but every sector. But In the medical world record keeping could mean life or death. Many hospitals turn thousands of people away every day because the individual does not show up on their record.

Sometimes we feel that the doctors and their team are just being unreasonable when they turn people away. But the truth is they are afraid of being held liable in case anything happens to you. With a blockchain system, this problem is removed. First, the moment information is fed to this database, it becomes permanent. Anyone can access this information in the system. This will make it easy to get all the info the doctor needs with prior complications, the medicine you have taken and a lot more.

Network system

A while back intra-connection in offices was the best thing since sliced bread. But with cloud computing so popular today, intranet is not so popular. But what the blockchain system does is intra-connect all the computers in a similar way. Hence, you can access all the patient info from any computer in the server quickly and efficiently.

No middleman

Data companies are making huge money in keeping records. But since they act as middlemen in the process of acquiring patient info is slow and expensive. Many hospitals stopped relying on this information all together suffice the blatant need for it. But the blockchain system eliminates this problem of mediators and hospitals can interchange information directly and quickly.

More Secure  with the blockchain system

The blockchain system uses hashes as its mode of adding information. Before a hash can be added to the system, a series of computerized problems are solved. This process results in the information being feed more secure and accurate. There is less probability of the info in the system being falsified.



Information saves lives in the hospital every day, but by getting this information faster. With the elimination of middlemen and the hospitals sharing one server, the blockchain serves. Doctors can access info much quicker. Imagine a person traveling and gets an accident in an area unfamiliar to him. All the doctors have to do is check his ID, and all his medical history pops up. This can help understand what kind of medicine can be used and what he has allergies against, hence saving his life.

It is clear that the blockchain system can be used in many areas, but the medical sector; it would be a game changer. Many medical experts and companies are looking into how to make this dream a reality as soon as possible.

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