The richest investors in crypto currency

They say if you want to become rich you need to emulate what the rich do. There are standard things every wealthy individual will tell you. For example, many believe in spending less than what you make. And one of my personal best rich person quotes is if you can’t save, invest. It is no surprise then that many millionaires and billionaires have decided to invest in crypto currency.

1. Warren Buffet

crypto currency

Warren is the founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway one of the biggest holding companies in the world. From this, you can tell he knows something about making good investments. Warren Buffet is worth $77 billion, making him the second richest man in the world.

Why he invested in Crypto currency

Like any investor, Buffet realized that crypto currency had tremendous potential and stated that he found the currency cheaper than traditional money. He felt that this cheap alternative had the potential to grow popular very fast and invested in it.

2. Bill Gates

crypto currency

You almost cannot talk about Buffet without mentioning the richest person in the world Bill Gates. Gates is the founder of Microsoft one of the largest companies in the world. Gates owns one of the largest tech companies on the planet, and he would know when making a sound investment in the field, case, and point crypto currency. He is worth $84 billion, making him the richest man in the world.

Why he invested in crypto currency

Like buffet Gates saw the potential in crypto currency and like Buffet said it was how cheap the transaction costs were that attracted him to make investments. But being a tech genius also stated that he loved the tech behind crypto currency and saw, even more, the potential in it than what they use it for today.

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3. Richard Branson

Branson is one of the biggest philanthropists on the planet. He is the owner of more than 400 companies worldwide under Virgin, making him a risk taker by profession. Richard Branson is the only person who you would definitely expect to make into this list. He loves tech and along Elon Musk is looking at how space travel can be turned into a business. Worth $5 billion Branson many was not in the same league with Gates and Buffet but he certainly bits them on risk taking.

Why he invested

He said that he saw many people make profits on Bitcoins and thought that he would join in. He even admitted that he would love if people spend their Bitcoins in his spaceship.

4. Chamath Palihapitiya

For everyone on this list, none is more knowledgeable in crypto currency than Palihapitiya. He is a venture capitalist by profession and has spent most of his life working in Silicon Valley- two features that just scream invest in crypto currency. But he just doesn’t invest in tech his interests are broad as he is the owner of The Golden State Warriors a professional Basketball team.

Why he invested in crypto currency

He says he spotted the potential early and noticed it would be a “huge deal.” He says he quickly went to integrate Bitcoin into many of his business ventures before his competitors would see this market vacuum.

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5. Former Vice President Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore was the 45th vice president of the United States.

Why he invested

He says that he noticed that Bitcoin replaced a lot of functionality of the government as far as currency is concerned and thought that this was “pretty cool.”

Whatever reason these wealthy individuals decided to invest in the crypto currency they are one the first and pioneers. But from the list it is no surprise why they have immersed so much wealth, it’s because they know when to strike and what to invest.