Beginners guide for trading crypto currency

Just like any asset in the market, you need a guide to trading crypto currency. Many investors started off using the same strategy they would perhaps use for physical commodities such as gold and oil, but this quickly changed as they realized the need to use a different set of rules for digital assets.

Be bold

trading crypto currency

The volatility in the crypto currency market is somewhat a phenomenon. Value changes almost in minutes and predicting an outcome or value of a trade is close to impossible. You need some pretty big “digital balls” to make trade crypto currency.
If you see a trade is forthcoming, don’t double guess yourself muster up courage and deal.

Gather information

This is perhaps the most valuable tip out there. Knowledge is power, you may not know the future value of a crypto currency, but you do have the past and future information on individual digital assets. This info is primarily true for any asset on the market, but with Crypto currency volatility, knowledge is the only way to make it more predictable.

Be patient

Some people pull out too soon and miss massive profits. And that is why information is so valuable. With the correct amount of info and the patience, many pop0le have been able to make it big while trading crypto currency.

Take the small profit

I know it sounds a bit redundant saying you should be patient and then saying you should take the little profit. The whole reason of being patient is to make a bigger profit right? Wrong! The entire purpose of being patient is to make the maximum profit. This may not always be the most significant profit. Like I have said over and over volatility makes crypto markets unpredictable. You should be patient and able to take the small profit.


No investment plan is complete without a strategy. Have a clear plan and goal when approaching a trading day. But am not just talking about short term strategies, no! What do you want to achieve one year down the line? And this is why having information about the digital asset is so important. Long term investments are much easier with a long term strategy.

Invest in a variety of coins

Sometimes it’s better not to put all your eggs in one basket especially when you trade crypto currency. Instead, find a range of digital currencies that you are most comfortable with and invest in them. If one of them burns, you still have a fall back move. But then again we said above be bold. Well, having a fallback plan may not be the most daring thing out there but it is smart.

Keep trying when trading crypto currency

If you fail, well just remember not all trades are a master stroke and you will need to do it again. The market’s volatility makes it that harder trade and trying is the only way you can guarantee success.