Investments in crypto currency skyrockets in South Korea

Asia controls a large section of the stock exchange, so much so that when their stock market opens, there is almost a certainty that there will be a major increase in the stock exchange. This has been true for a long time in the US stock exchange, and smart investors used the opening and closing periods of the US market to almost play the market even more so for Investments in crypto currency.

But over the past few years, the Asian market has drastically increased their influence. South Korea, for instance, had a firm control of the real estate market. Many Stock investment experts argue that real estate was one of the safest investment places on the market and why Asia so heavily focused on it. It is believed that the Asian market is not so sporadic and will often invest in sound profitable investments.

With that information sinking in is it also true with the Asian market shifting to invest in Crypto currencies that they now see digital currency as a safe bet.

The Internet goes crazy with rumors that Bitcoin is falling

Investments in crypto currency

Bitcoin is one of the best known digital currencies out there. They have been around for a long time, and this builds trust. Bobby Kim, an advisor to Bitcoin, took to Twitter to advise his followers that investing in Bitcoin is not such “a safe bet at the moment.”
His Tweet alone led to Bitcoin value dropping by 10 percent in the market. It leads to many people pulling out and reinvesting in other things. The volatility of digital currency cannot be ignored as people still don’t fully understand what it is all about.
Korea is investing fully

But across in the East, South Korea had other ideas. They invested heavily in Ethereum a competitor to Bitcoin as their major Investments in crypto currency.. And it was not just the people investing the government came in heavily and were far the biggest investors in Ethereum. The other main banks in South Korea came in as well and made Investments in crypto currency as well leading to one of the most significant rise in any item in the stock market the world has seen in a while. This resulted in the assets increasing by 30 percent and is still rising.

So what led to this significant investment by South Korea on Ethereum?

This the perhaps the biggest question floating around in the stock market world. Why would S. Korea makes such significant investments in 24 hours as they did? Do they have some information that no one else has about Ethereum? Our best guess is that they realize that Digital currency is the next big step for humanity.

Our reason for thinking this is Bitcoin just rose to be the third largest currency in the world with over 50 million users worldwide. This is even after fairs that the digital currency is about to fall. Then the next big question why S .Korea would go for Ethereum instead of Bitcoin comes up. Again Bitcoin has already shown it can be shaky at times and with the tradition of Asia investing in safe stocks so to speak went for its much older stable competitor.

What is likely to happen next?

With South Korea already established itself as a major player in the stock exchange and Investments in crypto currency., then the rest of the world will probably take notice of this move. This will lead to further investments from other countries in crypto currency, which will undoubtedly result in digital currency having a stronger footing in the world market.