How to Write a White Paper, Cryptocurrency Edition

How to Write a Crypto White Paper


A whitepaper is one of the most commonly used marketing tools today. We live in an era where nothing sells like information. And a whitepaper is a salient way to educate the masses about a product, a service, or even a business. The big sell with a whitepaper, of course, has to do with the fact that it can be crafted to provide a more objective understanding of how a product/service/business can serve a specific purpose or help address a pressing need.

In addition to being informative, a solid whitepaper is also a terrific tool for building credibility, trust, and showcasing expertise.

Is there a demand for whitepapers?

Most definitely yes. As mentioned above, information is pure gold in the digital space. People search for information for a varied number of reasons and not limited to the following;

  • To keep up with what’s happening in the industry (in the case of professionals).
  • To gather information on products/services and businesses offering relevant solutions.
  • To compare products and services which in turn help in making informed decisions.

Also, contrary to popular belief, whitepapers are not restricted to the technology industry. If you have a product or a service or a solution which aims at addressing a specific core concern of your audience, a whitepaper can be the ideal tool to convey your message and showcase your solution.

Quality vs. Quantity – The Perennial Debate

A well-crafted whitepaper can set you apart from your competition in more ways than one. The Internet is a hotbed of information. However, with the sheer amount of information flooding the Internet on a daily basis, the authenticity and credibility of the source and the content itself more often than not is questionable. With so much unsolicited information available, the reader is often left confused.  A well-crafted whitepaper can put this debate to rest.

A whitepaper is viewed as a credible source of information for the simple reason that it includes detailed information about a product or service and is based on credible research inputs. The kind of information included in a whitepaper sets it apart from other marketing tools which carry generic information.

What purpose does a whitepaper serve?

  • Provide solutions to common audience issues/concerns.
  • Build interest in your product/service by making the audience curious to know more.
  • Drive the audience to take positive action or act on the desired call-to-action.

Note – What you don’t want is to create another tool or resource which extolls your business or reads like a cheap sales copy.

How to Organize a Whitepaper

One of the most common queries surrounding whitepapers is rather basic – Is it difficult to write a whitepaper?

There is no denying the fact that writing a whitepaper is a challenging task. In addition to having a deep understanding of the topic, you also need to ensure that the language you use and the information you include is easy to understand and digest. When crafting a whitepaper, keep the following in mind.

Provide an Introduction

The introduction offers an insight on the topic and gives the reader a general direction of the whitepaper. The introduction needs to be interesting enough so the reader is compelled to read further.  

Address the Concern

Touch up on the main concern or problem that your whitepaper addresses in a way that helps readers align with the issue.

Offer a Solution

Provide the reader with an explanation of your proposed solution and how it can help address their problem or meet their needs. This is the part where you convince the reader about the argument you are presenting.

Market Your Solution

Include facts/figures/statistics and all relevant supporting information about the proposed solution so that the reader is able to understand how the solution can benefit them.


Summarize the benefits of your solution. Highlight the advantages and also provide a counter by listing out the disadvantages of not opting for the solution. Include all the works cited as well as the hyperlink sources and also include contact information to encourage a positive response to any call-to-action.


A whitepaper is a vital aspect of the overall content creation machinery of any business in the digital space today. It is no longer sufficient to merely provide digital audiences with generic information about a product or service. Strategically planned content in the form of a whitepaper that is fact-based is one of the best ways of connecting with your reading audience.