The Best Online Courses on Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

The Best Online Courses on Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

Massive Open Online Courses (this has nothing to do with the Godzilla universe and there MUTOs or Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms!), abbreviated MOOCs, have been the harbingers of amazing opportunities for anybody to quickly learn the seemingly fascinating and overly complicated concepts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Online education portals like Udemy, Coursera, along with leading universities of the world have become awesome platforms for anybody to acquire theoretically as well as practical knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, at reasonable costs. In this guide, we will cover some of the most popular of these online courses.

Experfy Training – Blockchain for Finance Professionals

Apart from covering the basics of blockchain technology, this course takes special focus at applications of blockchains in financial products, markets, and institutions.

This course is particularly well suited for people from the finance industry who need to understand more about how the technology will change their industry. Also, the course touches upon other industries that could be disrupted by blockchain technology.

The course covers blockchain basics, public standards like Bitcoin and Ethereum, private blockchains, transaction speeds, aspects of energy consumption and volatile transaction costs. Advanced modules talk about payments, loans, and settlements. Case studies and quizzes make the course interesting as well as rewarding.


Coursera: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies


This course scratches past the surface and explores what exactly is special about Bitcoin. It focuses on helping users understand the technical details behind the workings of Bitcoin. Among the important concepts covered are Bitcoin security, anonymity, pricing, regulations, and future path. This course will help you build a strong conceptual base over which you can build a strong understanding of advanced blockchain technologies.


Lectures on Bitcoin as a platform and the altcoins and cryptocurrency ecosystem are particularly impressive, covering dozens of cryptocurrencies, how they potentially supersede Bitcoins and interact with Bitcoins. The course instructor Arvind Narayanan is Assistant Professor at Princeton University, leads the university’s Web Transparency and Accountability project, and was awarded the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Award jointly in 2008.


Open University, “Understanding Financial Technologies


This was one of the first Fintech courses to establish a strong reputation online and has been regarded as the Fintech 101 course that every cryptocurrency and finance enthusiast must take. This course focuses on helping attendees understand the basics of the evolution of finance, and how technological trends are disrupting and reshaping industries.


It also focuses a lot on the regulatory and economic side of the cryptocurrency question. You get an Open University certificate; the course costs around $944, and can be easily taken online.


Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity


Here’s one of the most advanced Ethereum Blockchain Development Courses you can lay your hands on, helping you build complex projects using Solidity platform. This course helps you understand blockchain technologies at a detailed theoretical and practical level and then helps you begin work with major development tools for Ethereum.


It also covers lectures on using Web3 along with Project being created. Attendees of the course are able to begin their forays into careers as blockchain technology programmers. Key features include lectures on hands-on development with Solidify, using dev tools like Geth, Mist, and Ethereum Studio, and working with advanced Web3 development, apart from debugging centralized applications. You get free access to future course upgrades, lifetime access, and on-demand instructors with the course.


Said Business School: “The Oxford Fintech Program


Ideally suited for anybody with working finance knowledge, this course is delivered by Fintech experts Huy Nguyen Trieu, Peter Tufano, Nir Vulkan, and David Shrier. Included in the course are lectures on technologies like all, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains, with a special focus on their implications on the finance industry. It also touches upon nascent technologies like quantum computing.


The aim of the course is to help students assimilate the skills and subject matter understanding that enables them to develop market-ready solutions in the Fintech space. Group projects are an integral part of the course, which makes it ideal for anybody with the mindset of building a strong core team to build a Fintech startup.


Udemy: Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals


One of the most upgraded and bestselling online courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchains, this course helps participants understand everything from the basic glossary to advanced and latest concepts. Recently, the course has added a video lecture on Bitcoin Cash, the new cryptocurrency that was born out of the Hard Fork of August 1st, 2017. If you wish to get started with cryptocurrency education, this is the course for you.


Also, for Fintech students and enthusiasts with working knowledge of cryptocurrencies, this course offers insight into the latest concepts such as Smart Contracts and Digital Tokens. The course is delivered in 2 hours of on-demand video and 1 article, along with a supplemental resource. You get lifetime access and a completion certificate. You also receive a handy PDF file with a glossary of the 100 most fundamental blockchain and Bitcoin terms.