Why is crypto currency so successful?

Valued at over $4000 per share Bitcoin is one of the most successful businesses and the most cryptocurrency on the planet. But after a closer analysis, they did not just jump to the front of the line. Their success came in different waves influenced by various aspects of the society.

Cryptographers, coders, and computer science

crypto currencies

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In the beginning, there was only code, and the code was the fundamental of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto had a dream of creating a currency network that would deal with this generations need to do online transactions. This far, nothing was satisfactory.
Using his knowledge of code he created the Blockchain system. This system allowed a group of people who did not know nor trust each other to carry out transactions without knowing each other. After this system was set in place, more programmers and coders came in place, creating the first Bitcoin Wave.

Satoshi created forums and websites where cryptocurrency code enthusiast could meet and build this concept. The forum eventually became so large that Bitcoin eventually moved from being a concept and actually digitalizing. Satoshi often stated on the forums that it took many brilliant minds to create Bitcoin and he was right.

Political Anarchists

In every society, there are many beliefs and cultures. Some you do not believe in, but you have to respect them. One of the most popular ideas regards political anarchists. Anarchists are derived from the word anarchy which means chaos or destruction.
On the surface, Anarchists have an image of being rebellious and against the rule of law. But to some extent, they do have some solid reasons behind it.

Their biggest problem is how a few elites govern the world. They believe in a social governance system that is based on volunteering which makes leadership a selfless act.

Anarchists are against the centralized system of governance and more so the centralized money system, With the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, they jumped at the idea of using a currency that has no governance or allegiance to anyone.

Bitcoin presented them with an actual example of showing the world how a decentralized governance system works. Political analysts emerged everywhere and embraced Bitcoin around 2011 creating the second Bitcoin wave.

Financial experts


If there is money to be made, financial specialists and especially Wall Street will be quick to join in. At around 2013 Financial experts noticed that Cryptocurrency was here to stay and started embracing it. With Bitcoin the most attractive and stable cryptocurrency Wall Street heavily invested in the digital coin.

At the beginning of 2013 Bitcoin rose from $700 to $2000, quite a remarkable increase. But the rise only lead to Bitcoin being thrown into the limelight further and bring in more investors hence the third Bitcoin wave


In 2015 was the year the Bitcoin truly captured the attention of the world. It proved that it was not just a concept and a fading fad, but a viable payment option. Many governments took notice of this and looked into regulating the idea. There are no clear rules set for Bitcoin as it is decentralized. But more and more governments are talking about ways to controlling it creating the newest Bitcoin wave.