is crryptocurrency a bubble

Is crypto currency in a bubble?

Crypto currency has seen a remarkable rise this year. In January 2017 a Bitcoin was valued at $800.  At this  stage it was still tremendously profitable by the end of May, it was estimated at almost $4000. This is not normal for any commodity in the market and majorly why many people think it is a bubble.

But suffice many people, including Mark Cubin arguing that Crypto currency is indeed a bubble this has not stopped this wealthy businessman from making a sizable investment in the industry. His mouth might be saying no, but his pockets are all in.
We have seen this with Amazon and Google

In the beginning, these two major companies didn’t have much confidence from the masses. Many people called them precisely what they are calling Crypto currency right now, a bubble.

But as we stand today the two companies are the most valuable enterprises in the world, and they are still growing. To some extend, Facebook was also thought to be a bubble with more people banking on Twitter to succeed. But the reverse happened with Twitter starting its demise while Facebook still rises.

We see a lot of similarities between Amazon, Google and crypto currency. They start off slowly and gather pace quite quickly, so fast that they develop so many skeptics. In the end, they even outdo the most optimistic person’s expectations.

Governments coming in quick

Governments often resist change until they have to make it. Case and point most laws are passed a little too late while constitutionals change are way overdue in the US as it needs to evolve like its people. They have quickly moved into action as far as crypto currency is concerned.

This should tell the people that the government too has seen the incredible potential in the crypto market and is already planning for it.

The tech crypto currency uses

Some technology just can’t be ignored. The blockchain system is one of the most sound and practical ways of sending money online. It creates security and transparently something that other online systems could not produce. This can only lead to the building and invest in such technology leading to an even further rise in the digital currency.

Still a growing market

The most unbelievable this about the crypto market is that it is still in its infancy stages, meaning it has a lot of potentials to grow. With even more people coming on the market will set to have even more players in the field. With more players comes added security and growth.

Affected by more variables than before

One of the biggest concerns of the market was that crypto market was only affected by crypto curr4ncy related news. This is very different from other items in the market. But of late, we have started seeing that an entirely unrelated event can change the course of Bitcoin. This shows maturity and growth.

My verdict

I have for a long time felt like after crypto currencies mature, they will experience something called “crush and Resurgence.” This is where their value will drop tremendously but rise slowly and stabilize. With its rise, I felt the crush would be similar. But With some nay players coming into the field, I feel I may be wrong as such factors build stability the direct opposite of a bubble.