Best cryptocurrencies

The Best cryptocurrencies in 2019

The Best Cryptocurrencies have had quite a good year in 2019. They are more crypto currencies in the market than ever before. Plus, more and more people are starting to accept the concept.

Companies are scrambling to integrate blockchain tech to their system meaning that in a couple of years you can use your favorite crypto coin to make over the counter purchases.

But some crypto coins did better than others. With some of the Malware Best Cryptocurrencies experiencing quite a growth in 2019.

1. Best cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin

Even though many people thought that Bitcoin would never recover from the monstrous fall of value in 2017, The coin has been steadily increasing.

It hit a high of over $10,000 in mid-2019, and has stabilized at around $5,000 as the year comes to a close. Bitcoin started the year at around $2,500 and has ended it at almost double the value. Not many commodities even in the crypto world would boost of such an accomplishment, making it one of the Best cryptocurrencies around.

Bitcoin has the highest liquidity of any of the crypto coins and is universally known. It has the highest trade volume of any of the other coins. Today Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is almost used interchangeably by novice users. Which is quite the achievement for any brand.

With the Bitcoin halving coming up in 2020, and the belief that there is going to be a great rise in price after this, 2020 looks like a great year for Bitcoin.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is more of a base for develops to build their apps on. This is a platform that has grown with more companies accepting crypto currencies. They use smart contracts, which is the basis of these app developers using Ethereum. Such diversity has catapulted Ethereum to be one of the Best cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is also very widely accepted. Placing it second behind Bitcoin. Meaning its liquidity is also very high. You will not have a problem buying and selling Ethereum on any market place.

Its stability is much better than most Alt coin and Bitcoin. Since it is not used to trade that much its price has been slowly rising.

3. Litecoin Still one of the Best cryptocurrencies

Best cryptocurrencies

Litecoin is a direct competitor to Bitcoin. They have improved and built on the Bitcoin concept making operations with Litecoin much faster. Litecoin has been viewed as a hold asset in 2019 than other high volatile coins like Bitcoin.

Even though the price is not as high as Bitcoin its potential is there for all to see. This is also a contributor to why it has become a hold asset. With a total of 84 Million LTC when the coin is fully mined experts believe that there is a lot of potential with this coin.

4. Libra

Libra from Facebook has not been as popular as the founders thought it would be when they first launched it. This has been down to the misconception that the coin brought about.

Firstly, many people thought that the coin was owned by Facebook, but in reality, the social media company was its major backing.

Secondly many people thought that Libra was here to compete with Bitcoin. Which is not the case. Libra is more of a link between online currencies. This concept alone makes them one of the Best cryptocurrencies around.

Their aim is to facilitate trade between currencies and commodities. Many investors have already backed out of the project. However, they still have Facebook on their corner and hope to make 2020 an even bigger year.

2019 has been a great year for most Alt coin. More people are understanding how it works and therefore more acceptance. 2020 looks like it will be a game changing year for the crypto world