You say Bitcoin is failing we say Bitcoin is winning

Some of you in the crypto world are having a fit. Dumping your portfolios getting rid of Bitcoin and your precious Altcoins in fear of what’s happening to the crypto currency market. If we all just pause and actually take a look at the market. You will see all to well that you might just be over reacting. In the last year Bitcoin has been on the up and up. With gains some thought not possible in the world of Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has a 261.459% increase to date. Bitcoin has seen a amazing growth since its birth. Yes in the last 3 months we have seen Bitcoin hit just shy of 3000 dollars per Toshi. But Bitcoin has balanced out what some thought to be a bubble turned out to be nothing less than a bump in the road. At 2300 today, you see a 700$ loss, I see a 1500$ increase in the span of 6 short months and in the span of 3 months a 1100$ increase. Check out the graphs below.

bitcoin baseberry
baseberry baseberryThose numbers are incredibly high considering all of the fear selling. For the average person doubling or even tripling your investment in less than a year is impossible .








Banks can’t do that for your money , the government can’t do that for your money. 7/10 business deals can’t do that for your money. Not in that amount of time. Unless your a drug dealer , Crypto currency is as good as it gets and that’s pretty darn good.  Check out the all  time chart. Bitcoins growth looks like an insane roller coaster going up and up. But what is non roller coaster like is the drop, Bitcoin is STILL at its teenager stage some would even tween. This Cryptocurrency may be called the Grand Daddy of all cryptocurrency but its more like the Big Brother or Big Sister wink wink.

Whatever it is that you would like to call it, Bitcoin still has a ton of potential and growing to do. So before ye of little faith doubt the crypto market. Check the charts , take a step back from the masses and see what I see.