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GateHub Review: Another coin to watch



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Gatehub has a user-friendly platform


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GateHub accepts cash


The platform has been hacked severally


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GateHub has long been a favorite for internet transactions. The features highlighted for the platform make it a place to use to send and receive money over the Ripple network. The claim that GateHub is safe to do transactions has been in doubt in the past and shall be discussed in this GateHub review.

Even though standardized algorithms are used to save passwords and private keys, many Gatehub reviews have shown that the platform has been hacked severally.


What is GateHub?

GateHub is a platform for the Internet of Value. It was founded in London, United Kingdom in November 2014 by Enej Pungercar. The platform has maintained an active state since it began operations to date. It is a for-profit, private company and gives everyone a chance to do a diverse number of crypto transactions.

Although GateHub is independent from Ripple, it still uses it to trade and move money over the Ripple network. This simply means that can have both a Ripple Wallet and a GateHub wallet in the same account.

Digital GateHub coins can be traded against given currencies such as the US dollar. It also has an option for coin-to-coin transactions.

The product has over the years experienced massive upgrades to the GateHub wallet settings. A few of such feature is:

  • Set trust- allows the setting of custom trust lines
  • Show trust lines- this allows the user to set and disable trust lines

More upgrades have also been highlighted on the GateHub wallet and a visit to their website,, highlights more on this.

In its inception, it only supported Ripple. It has however grown overtime to support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Xaurum and Augur.

Who is this product for?

In the GateHub review, the program is both user-friendly and easy to use making it a better option for beginners. To add to this, GateHub team has also made it easy to get in touch with them by using social media platforms such as Facebook. However, sending an email stands out as the most recommended way of getting in touch.

In this GateHub review, it can be noted that GateHub works well within the United Kingdom’s law. This can create a limitation on whether or not you are able to access the functions of GateHub. Countries such as North Korea and South Sudan have been barred from using GateHub due to this.

More details on these laws can be found on the website’s Terms of Use page. It should also be noted that GateHub only allows users of legal age to gain access to the platform.

As per this GateHub review, it is good to note that GateHub requires a user to hold a minimum of 20 Ripple to activate their wallet. There are no additional transactional costs incurred. Deposits, withdrawals, and trading are the key financers of GateHub.

What does GateHub have to offer?

As earlier mentioned in this GateHub review, this crypto platform is a user-friendly program and boasts of being able to do transactions from both cryptocurrencies and rial currencies. However, there is more to GateHub than just this.

The GateHub wallet allows you to make transactions of real-world money. However, this just doesn’t happen automatically once you have registered on the portal. You will still be required to go through a channel of verification processes.

Overview of GateHub

Gateway review

GateHub is without a doubt the future of Internet transactions. The fact that it’s still quite operational to date gives it an edge over other cryptocurrencies. With both negative and positive reviews from different users, it’s safe to conclude that GateHub has a strong following.

Some features that make GateHub a go to solution have been further explained in this GateHub review.

Customer support

With their availability on Social sites, GateHub has been made to be a click away for further information. Sending emails has also been a favorite. However, claims have constantly been there that either there is no reply to emails or slow replies.

One thing that you should also take into consideration is: the loss of both your login credentials or if your account is compromised, the GateHub support team cannot help you.

Security Overview: how safe is GateHub?

GateHub has taken various steps in ensuring that user details are safe. The claim that the site is safe has been supported by hard evidence-backed to it. Some as mentioned in this GateHub review are:

  • You are required to enter a 2 Factor Authentication. Simply put, if you wish to access the site, you will need to enter a code that has been sent to your phone.
  • Also, if you wish to access the platform on a new IP address or handset, you will have to confirm from your email address.
  • Your credentials are stored separately on the platform with GateHub being denied access to them. The downside to this, however, is if you lose your credentials, you won’t be able to retrieve your money.

Despite the efforts put in place, cases of the site being hacked have been constant talk of the town. One such incident transpired back in 2017 the platform was hacked and the criminal managed to do away with $5 million.

In response to the incident, they wrote out a message to their users. Part of it read saying, “We would like to assure all GateHub customers that their money is safe and no client information is compromised. Customer balances were not affected and all transactions will be honored in full.”

They also went further and stated that the Shareholders and not customers absorbed the loss.

Despite how positive the message was then, constant claims of the site being hacked are still there.

How to set up GateHub Wallet

  1. You need to visit the GateHub website,
  2. You will then get an option of either sign-up or sign in. Click on sign in.
  3. Next, enter your email address and a unique password. After this click on the ‘I’m not a robot’ box, and agree to their terms and also their conditions.
  4. A wallet recovery key shall be given to you. This is very essential if you ever lose your password.
  5. After saving your key, you will need to head to your mail to verify your email address and activate your GateHub account.
  6. After signing in, you will be required to give additional details. Click on the “individual” options unless you wish to register as a company.
  7. Enter your mobile number. A message will be sent to it. Once you’ve received it, enter the code into the box.
  8. confirm your number and select on continue.
  9. You will then have to enter a valid username. This will assist in transactions among other activities in your GateHub wallet.
  10. After this, you will be required to add a photo. You can skip this and everything else. Your GateHub wallet will be now ready to use.

After this, you will be required to do a 2-Factor Authentication. Alternatively, just select the click below and follow the steps to both sign up and set the 2-Factor Authentication:

Alternatives to GateHub?

With the few limitations’ as earlier discussed in this GateHub review, we may also consider other crypto exchanges such as Coinbase. One key advantage that Coinbase has over GateHub is the fact that Coinbase operates worldwide. Another is that Coinbase is 100% free to sign up, and on signing up the new users are rewarded by gets free Bitcoin.

GateHub review conclusion

In summary, GateHub is among the most recommended crypto wallet more so for beginners. Their ability to be able to access not only a wide range of coins but also fiat currencies is without a doubt a big plus on their end.

To add to this, the GateHub wallet goes a step further in trying to save by giving them customer support as well as ensuring their details are not only safe but also secure.

One big worry I can, however, take home from this GateHub review is the cases of the systems being hacked. However, the only confirmed hacking was back in 2017. Have a look at the platform yourself and be the judge.