Here are the Top 4 Bitcoin Millionaires In 2017

Bitcoin started as an investment of $10,000 in 2010, and it is now worth $200 million. This cryptocurrency has made many millionaires over the seven years they have been in operation.

Some are well known, while others are living quiet, comfortable lives. The Bitcoin’s worth has multiplied over 879,999 times since its inception in 2010. No other coin currency has managed such significance in the history of cryptocurrencies.

For instance, an investor who batted the conspiracies of a new form of currency and invested $5 in 2,000 bitcoins is currently worth $4.4 million. With an investment of $1,200 on approximately 480,00 bitcoins, the enthusiast would value at $1.1 billion now.


There have been many people who have transformed their status from this crypto, but let’s look at the latest winners of 2017.

1. Dave Carlson

He managed to mine bitcoins worth $30 million and changed his fortunes. Dave unveiled MegaBigPower from his basement and managed to go commercial. From his warehouse, Carlson made over $8 million per month in 2016.
Charlie Shrem

Dave Carlson is considered the most influential billionaire in Bitcoin’s records. It is because he invested in large quantities of Bitcoins when they were selling low. Charlie founded BitInstant from these funds. He is worth $45 million money accrued from investing in Bitcoin.

Additionally, he founded Intellisys capital that deals with portfolio investments in Blockchain firms. Charlie is an ally of fellow Bitcoin investor Roger Ver.

2. Roger Ver

Roger is christened “Bitcoin Jesus” due to his love of spreading the word on Bitcoin like the Gospel. His first Bitcoin investment was on BitInstant his friend’s company. Roger is the early start-up investor and worth $ 52 million. He is a philanthropist known to be a significant donor in charities.

3. Ross Ulbricht

Bitcoin is in a position of transforming the world positively. However, Bitcoin has been used in dark websites in the sale of illegal drugs and services. Silk Road was developed by Dread Pirate Roberts and is considered to have made $100 million in these unlawful transactions.

Through the help of the FBI, Dread was tracked and led the investigators to Ross Ulbricht who was sentenced to life. The FBI managed to take control of over 144,000 Bitcoins as escrow and shut down Silk Road. Since this incident, Bitcoin integrated FBI with their systems to reduce the chances of fraud and enhance coin security. Currently, the largest Bitcoin wallet is owned by FBI.

4. Satoshi Nakamoto

This name is considered a pseudonym and is used by an unknown individual who is the founder of Bitcoin. According to a report released by Business Insider, Satoshi’s account holds over a million Bitcoins. Basing on August 14, 2017, exchange rate, the Bitcoins are worth $4.3 billion. He has only spent 500 bitcoins in his account.
What It Takes To Be a Millionaire
If you wish to become a millionaire with Bitcoin consider the following;

  • Sign up for Bitcoin
  • Make a deposit of real money, such as the USD and exchange the currency to Bitcoins
  •  Trade or mine the Bitcoins
  • Hold your Bitcoins for five years and above
  •  Your Bitcoins will be stored at Coinbase

Bitcoin has conquered the world with the inception of this phenomenal cryptocurrency. Many users of Bitcoin have become millionaires due to their constant mining and trading. It has changed their perception regarding education or school.

For instance, Erick Finman started dealing with Bitcoins when a token was going for just $12 in 2011. He now has over 403 bitcoins due to the sale of investments and firms a worth over $1 million. Unfortunately, he dropped from high school as a millionaire at 18 years.

Over the past years, the cryptocurrency world has advanced with the acceptance of Bitcoin as a mode of payment. It has proved to be an ideal investment with a global approval in online stores, gambling sites, shipping companies and betting sites.